The National Survey of Entrepreneurship Education is a research initiative that collects information about all entrepreneurship education programs available in the United States by two- and four-year colleges and universities. Using the information to gauge best practices and trends within the field of entrepreneurship education, the data is used in an effort to support the growth of the field, providing a foundation on which to develop entrepreneurship education across the United States.

Created in 1979 by Dr. George Solomon, the survey features five key sections:

  • background information on survey respondents and their respective institution
  • pedagogies, subject matter and materials
  • technology trends in the industry
  • external components and partnerships
  • impact of program initiatives on student success

Summarizing the survey data, this report provides an outlook of the U.S. entrepreneurship education industry, trends, growing movements, and new activities. This report can serve as an informational piece for individuals already in the entrepreneurship education industry and can also provide information to those interested in launching their own programs, courses or centers.

Dr. George T. Solomon

Director, GW Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence (CFEE)

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